Top 10 Unique Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is all about spooky things, getting dressed up in your favorite costume, coming up with new pumpkin carving ideas, and celebrating traditions like jack o lantern and trick-or-treating. Besides dressing up like an alien, an angel, or a devil, if you plan to host a Halloween party, you need to put in thoughts about Halloween decorations. Read below to find certain exciting Halloween themes for your party:

#1 Scary Movie Theme

One of the best ideas for a Halloween party is a scary movie-themed party. For Halloween costume ideas, the guests can come dressed as their favorite characters from their favorite spooky movie. You can decorate your house, depicting different scenes from horror movies. Think about scary writings on the bathroom mirror or scarily painting your walls.

#2 Murder Mystery Party

Another exciting idea coming your way. Plan a murder mystery party where every guest is a character in a murder mystery plot. You can add bonus accessories according to the plot of the mystery. Don’t worry about getting all the stuffs, just Google – Halloween store near me. Decorate your house to depict the scenes from the mystery and unfold it part by part to have an exciting and thrilling evening.

#3 Time Travel Party

What about reliving the golden days of the retro 80s or the trendy 90s? Guests would come decked in Halloween costumes mimicking the popular fashion from the old days. They can even pick up those fancy couples Halloween costumes for this retro themed party.You can add to the theme by entertaining the guests with retro music, quirky snacks, and a vintage look to your home.

#4 Zombie Halloween Party

Irrespective of whether you are a big fan of The Walking Dead, Zombies have dominated Halloween parties for quite a while. Have you thought about a spooky zombie-themed party with scary pumpkin carving ideas? Plan finger foods (decorated as different parts of the body), prepare some creepy cocktails with even creepier names and ask guests to come in with scary Halloween costumes. The guests can be divided into zombies or survivalists, and you can organize a spooky game to find out whether the world survives at your Halloween party or it succumbs to the Zombie apocalypse.

#5 Haunted House Theme

Probably the most traditional Halloween decorations idea is to go for the haunted house themed party. Turn your house into a crazy, creepy haunted house and anyone who searches for haunted house near me lands up there! Decorate it with cobwebs, melting candles, creepy bottles and lamps, and walls and ceilings decorated with as crazy as your imagination can go. You can keep your cocktails in the cauldrons and add eerie noise to your doors, steps, and flooring.

#6 Out in the Universe

This Halloween, take your guests for a space tour. Take them out of this world and ask them to dress as astronauts, aliens, or intergalactic creatures. You can decorate one corner of your house as a space stations or a different planet. Probably, a Mars rover can serve cocktails to your guests!!! Put on neon lights and some music from ET or Interstellar to mimic the outer space or the night sky.

#7 Mafia Themed Halloween party

This Halloween, let’s become the Dons and the Mafias. Your guests can put on their best mafia party city costumes and you can team up as different gangs. Have a quest in place, see which gang wins the war, and become the ultimate Don of the party.

#8 Summer Camp Theme

Let us take the party outdoors and relive the old summer camp days. Guests come in their khaki shorts and bring vintage lanterns. You can roast chickens and marshmallows, have a campfire, and grill hot dogs. Set up a few tents and engage your guests with the popular games. Did you think about some unique pumpkin painting ideas???

#9 Superhero themed party

Another great Halloween costume idea is to dress up as your favorite superhero. It is time for the Guardians to protect the world and the Superman and the Batman to come to the rescue. Let us find out who is more popular – DC superheroes or the Marvel guys. It will be Justice Leagues vs. the Avengers.

#10 Music Festival

Halloween decorations can also include music festivals. You can host a music carnival. People can come in their shorts, crop tops and dance to electronic music (EDMs). You can have laser flashes and neon paints to light up your party.

The idea of Halloween sprung from spooky and cray traditions. But this year, give it a fresh look and appeal by tuning your party theme to one of the ideas above. This party can become the most memorable Halloween party.

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