A Pro Guide to Better Essays and Good Marks

All of us struggle at some point of time to write an essay that fetches us good grades in schools. We tend to think that it is some rocket science or there is some complex algorithmic process to satisfy the teacher’s lofty standards when it comes to essays. Many of us also get inundated with the long list of special instructions that come with the essay. Thus, we fret, make mistakes and later complain that we did not score to our satisfaction. Well, the following article is going to bust those myths and tell you how to score great marks at minimum effort. So, read on.

Step I- Identify the genre of essay

The most important service you can do to the essay is to identify which kind it is. This is what separates a professional essay writer and paper help product from an amateur writing. Most of us tend to generalise the genre when in reality, we have to treat different essay genres in polar different approaches.

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For example, there are argumentative essays, narrative essays and expository essays. Then there are the critical essays which are a separate league altogether. These include the literature reviews, music and drama appreciation. You can check out our article on writing literature review for more details.What you need to do is read the requirement carefully and write according to it. A pro essay writer and paper help will always look into this detail first.

Step II- Reading Instructions Carefully

The next effective pro tip would be to go over and over the instruction sheet very carefully. Yes, believe it or not, reading the instructions contains the key to the puzzle that the essay is. Herein the teacher often gives clear instructions about things which she may not discuss otherwise like font, points to be highlighted, and pagesetc. If you follow these instructions carefully, you can get surprisingly good marks. You can check out our other tips to improve essay writing (hyperlink here).

Step III- Stylistic parts to remember

Coming to the stylistic part of writing an essay, your essay or paper should be formal in tone.


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It should never contain colloquial words; shortened forms like don’t, can’t, isn’t etc. and definitely no swear words. In the instance you are writing a paper, you can use first person to talk about your experiences or findings. Essays should ideally use the third person as in: “this writer found x,y to be useful”. 

Step IV- Arrange the structure of the essay

Your essay should have a proper set of arguments each segregated into separate paragraphs.  The essay writer and paper writing help professionals are of the opinion that ideas should flow into consecutive paragraphs, with the most important points placed towards the beginning.

 You should avoid having disjointed paragraphs. They are considered as a writing flaw. Additionally, every essay and paper should have a proper introduction and a conclusion. The introduction should provide teasers and the conclusion should neatly tie up the threads of thought that you have woven throughout the essay. The writing should be directed at resolving the topic given to you and the conclusion should be an effective and satisfactory answer.

Step V- Put correct citations

While writing an essay or a paper, make sure you put proper citations. These are quotations or references often said or written by critical thinkers as well as great men which are not mandatory, but if you insert them, will bolster your arguments more convincingly.

 These will also convince and impress the teacher effectively and, in turn, earn you good grades. Even essay writer and paper writing help people follow this secret trick. But don’t fill your paper or essay with too many quotations. Quotations or references which are too lengthy attract penalty too. Often, teachers mention the length of the quotation you can include in the instruction sheet, so again, read it very carefully.  In case there are no instructions, restrict them to a couple of lines.

It is also imperative to write your citations correctly. There are various acceptable international standards like MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard and Turabian. Each one has a different format of writing the same thing. This bit can make your essay appear to be written by a professional essay writer. Please check with your teacher before following a style.

  1. Avoid plagiarism: With the quotations, comes another important area that is plagiarism. This single problem is eating away into the academic scene right now and teachers are sitting up and taking notice. If you decide to copy any literature or any piece of information from anywhere, make sure you mention the source in the proper citation format. In today’s world, plagiarism is not tolerated in any form across the world and if caught, your career will be in jeopardy. Ultimately, this is your essay and your opinion of the given topic matters the most. After all, you are a writer, not a parrot. If you are unsure of your skills you can always seek a professional essay writer and paper writing help.
  2. Check to avoid grammatical mistakes: Revise your writing again and again to avoid grammatical mistakes at all costs.

Happy writing!

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